Introduction - Our Commitment to You

The Company is the proud provider of its superior

products and services. We greatly appreciate the

trust that you and our other customers have placed

in us, and we will protect that trust by continuing to

respect the privacy of all our customers even if our

formal customer relationship ends.

It is important for you to know that in order to ensure

that our customers get the very best service and the

highest quality products, The Company collects

demographic information (like your name and

address) and credit information (like information

related to your accounts with us). This

information comes either directly from you, for

instance, from your application and transactions on

your account; or, it may come from an outside source

such as your credit bureau report. In addition, if

you visit our Internet website, we may collect certain

information about your Internet usage.

We Respect Your Privacy

Since some of the information we gather is not

publicly available, we take great care to ensure that

this information is kept safe from unauthorized

access, and we would never share the information in

violation of any regulation or law.

Because the Company respects your privacy and

values your trust, the only employees or companies

who can access your private personal information are

those who use it to service your account or provide

services to you or to us. The Company diligently

maintains physical, electronic and procedural

safeguards that comply with applicable federal

standards to guard your private personal information

and to assist us in preventing unauthorized access to

that information.

How We Share Information with Other Affiliated


From time to time, for general business purposes,

such as to prevent fraud, or when we think it may

benefit you, we do share certain information with

companies within the same business family. The

information we share might come from your

application, for instance your name, address and

telephone number. Unless you authorize the sharing,

we do not disclose creditworthiness information

about you from credit reports.

Sharing Information with Our Partners

We also occasionally share certain information with

companies that we work with outside of the family of

companies. These companies may include financial

service providers such as banks, finance companies,

insurance companies, and non-financial companies

such as manufacturers and data processing


The information we may provide them comes from

the sources described above and might include your

name, address, and phone number.

We may also provide information to our business

partners that perform operational services related to

your account, or marketing services for us. The

sharing of information with these types of companies

is permitted by law. Such a company might

include a company with whom we have a joint

marketing agreement. This information also

comes from the sources described above and might

include name, address, and phone number.

These companies act on our behalf and, within the

time required by law, will be required by our policy to be

contractually obligated to keep the information that we

provide to them confidential and to use the information

only to provide the services we’ve asked them to

perform for you or us.

We Safeguard Your Personal Information

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural

safeguards that comply with federal and state

regulations to guard your nonpublic personal

information whether maintained in a paper, electronic

or other form. We train our staff on the need to

safeguard your personal information and require them

to sign a written contract agreeing to take all

necessary steps to protect your personal

information. We also train our service providers

and vendors on the need to safeguard your personal

information and require them, by contract, to follow

our policies and implement procedures to safeguard

your personal information.

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